How to get your music on iTunes, Spotify or Deezer for free

Dec 24, 2018 by Vordabeatzz - 0 Comments

When i was looking for a ways to release my music online (Except on Youtube.), my friend told me about RouteNote, an service web site that allows you to get your music to the best stores for free.

RouteNote offer simple, but professional service which can be used to get your music on iTunes and other digital stores or streaming services for FREE. They have small 15% cut. On the other hand, if you wish to keep 100% of royalties, they offer several plans:

  • Singles – 10$
  • EP – 20$
  • Album – 30$
  • Extended Album – 40$

They can even help you with Youtube Content ID, if you are producer that wants to protect his beats, for example.

Before uploading song they ask you general informations, like song name, main artist, producer name etc, as well as album artwork, label (If you have one, if not, you can write your artist name). It may take up to week or two to get your song online due to reviews.

RouteNote partnered with many retailers, and iTunes, Deezer, Spotify or Google Play Music are one of many.

If you think this may be of use to you, please register and start uploading your songs on digital stores.

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